Fleet Benefits

Anyone who is responsible to keep a fleet of vehicles operational will try to keep downtime to a minimum.  AMSOIL provides many benefits to the fleet manager such as...

  1. A dedicated Account Manager
  2. A full line of lubricants from bumper to bumper from one vendor such as engine oil, transmission fluid, gear lube, grease, fuel additives, etc.
  3. Less Labor
  4. Wholesale Pricing
  5. A "Greener" Operation

Account Manager

As your dedicated AMSOIL account manager, I can save you time by assisting with...

  1. Product Selection:  Provide a list of equipment and I will provide you with a list of recommended products based on your particular needs.
  2. Product Questions: Why spend time researching the various properties of each of the products.  Simply send me your questions and I'll provide the answers.
  3. Product Usage: I am happy to instruct you in the proper usage of your AMSOIL products.

Less Labor

Using AMSOIL can save you time in many ways.

  1. Your account manager can save you time as discussed above.
  2. Fewer lubricant changes.  Many of the products allow for an extended drain interval which saves time purchasing, changing, and disposing of used lubricants.
  3. The superior protection provided by